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Minimalist aesthetic, refined materials, clean lines and simple silhouettes.

Monceau Studio is a French owned label, operating from Greece. 

We get our inspiration from our hometown, Paris, and its effortless elegant vibe.

In other words, we want to combine simplicity, comfort and beauty.


Monceau Studio is dedicated to providing accessible timeless high-quality pieces, so that every woman can have her classics in her wardrobe.

We have a special love for suits with a modern vibrancy. They are the core of our brand.


We made our debut, early 2022, with the Abel suit and are now adding new pieces to our timeless collection. So proud of just having launched our first summer capsule!

We hope you feel strong and confident today and everyday,

With love,



We are a small company; we go at our own pace and do not follow the fast fashion flow. 

Our clothes are made to last, to be worn over and over again.

We do not produce at the other side of the world. Our producers are either located in Greece or Turkey, which allows us to be fully involved in the production process.

We are proud of the people we are working with; they have special knowledge. We share the same values about sustainability and responsible labor practices. We trust and respect them. We consciously made the choice of not over producing. We work with small quantities, to ensure quality and minimum waste. Together with focusing on essential and timeless pieces, we achieve that no clothes are being thrown away, at all.  

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